We Need To Make Catcallers Accountable For Harassment


Thought Catalog

A complete stranger barked at me once.

I was walking back to the subway after a long day of work, bumpin’ some Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, when a man leaned out of a garbage truck, made some lewd tearing-a-juicy-piece-of-meat-apart gestures, and yes, barked at me.

Here’s another one: “Ma’am! Ma’am! You dropped something!” Upon turning around to retrieve the item I allegedly dropped, he pouts: “I was telling you that you’re fine, and your rude ass wasn’t paying attention.”

Oh, I apologize for offending your delicate sensibilities! My bad!

Strange men have followed me around the block insisting I give them my email address, grabbed my arms, attempted to put their hands up my skirt, called me a chunky bitch, thrown kisses and still-burning cigarette butts at my legs, mimed cunnilingus at me on the N train. And this is just the highlight reel.

Catcalls are an inevitable…

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